Estuary League of Friends aims to provide a reliable, prompt and courteous service for our clients and all who come in contact with the Charity.  

We recognise, however, that like any organisation we may make occasional mistakes.

We welcome the opportunity of being made aware of problems and aim to resolve these through our complaints procedure, which we make available to all.

The procedure commits us to:

1.    Welcoming and recognising the value of comments, positive and negative, on what we do.  Feedback and suggestions are helpful to us in providing an effective service and in meeting our objectives.

2.    Investigating a complaint quickly, thoroughly and effectively.

3.    Ensuring that all Estuary League of Friends staff are aware of the complaints procedure, its significance and of their responsibility for meeting its commitments.

4.    Making sure that the complaint reaches the right person straight away and that you know who this is.

5.    Keeping you informed about our progress in solving your problem.

6.    Preventing the problem recurring.

7.    Learning from our mistakes by monitoring the type and frequency of complaints and taking them into account when planning to improve our service.
If you have a problem or complaint, you should:

Stage 1    Contact the person who is responsible on a day-to-day basis for the relevant area of work.  We anticipate that our staff will be able to resolve most complaints immediately.  Some staff are part-time but in any event we undertake to respond to your initial contact within seven working days.

Stage 2    If the problem needs more urgent attention or you are not satisfied with the response at Stage 1 you should contact the Chief Executive. We undertake to respond to you within seven working days.

Stage 3    If your problem remains unresolved you should contact Chair of the Board of Directors who will respond to you within seven working days.

Stage 4    If we are still unable to resolve your problem, you should set out your appeal and the related issues in writing, addressed to the Chair of the Board Directors so that a considered response can be made by the full Board of Directors.